I hope that you will find me to be an approachable, down to earth and friendly therapist. My aim is to create an atmosphere of welcome, kindness, respect and convey my sincere interest in what it is you have come to talk to me about. I truly believe that problems are resolved when shared openly with someone trustworthy that can counted on for support. That's who I wish to be for you.


In the talking and sharing of your concerns with me, my role is many. Firstly, I am here to listen attentively to you and offer the empathy and compassion needed for you to tell your story. A great deal of healing can be achieved in just this one simple act  as it connects us with our feelings about our story, which can then be expressed and released. I know from personal experience how relieving this can be and how exquisite it is to be truly and deeply heard. For some people this is all that is needed to help them overcome current challenges and move forward. For others more in depth work is needed and thats ok.


For those who need more than just to tell their story and express emotions,  it is sometimes helpful to look to the past for clues to understand the present situation more fully. For some people making contact with stored up experiences that were painful without the opportunity to fully process and make sense of them, I can work with you to ingthat you were not able to process then it it highly likely that these experiences will be stored in your body where they are waiting to be healed. Experiences that were either too painful for us to deal with in the moment or that we did not receive enough support with often overwhelm our mind's ability to cope. What then tends to happen is that the part of us that is injured by the experience splits off to protect us from the painandd becomes frozen in the body where it can wreak havoc popping up as difficult feelings at the most inconvenient times in our lives! I often say that these feelings in a bid to protect us go underground which often helps to survive the trauma initially but then the down side is that it creates a human being who is not fully whole. So the process of healing involves making contact with the emotions caused by our painful experiences, allowing ourselves to fully feel the experience and release it.  is to go back and recover the parts I  am talking about becoming fully whole again, as injured parts of ourselves have a habit of splitting off leaving us incomplete state of separation and anxiety. The challenge of counselling then is to go back and reclaim the parts of ourselves that have sometimes remained burried for years and accept them in all of their pain and suffering, no matter how much we wish they would just disappear. This is another part of my role; I'm here to help you identify those parts of you that might be lurking waiting to be re-discovered so that you can claim them and be your whole-self again... take a breath


Amongst other things it  un-wholeIn the process of talking to me about the current challenges you're experiencing in your life it might be that you bring in relevant information about your past experiences too. When put together looking at our past often gives us valuable information about what might be influencing our behaviour and ways of coping in the present.  telling your story and concentrating on the parts of your life where you struggle with, it may be that with some help from me you canthat you struggle most  this can be As well as this, it is my job to  facilitate

I aim to create a caring, collaboratha tive environment which allows you the opportunity to develop your understanding of yourself and embrace change. My approach incorporates the following key aspects:

The counselling relationship is a vehicle for change. Creating a caring, collaborative relationship in a relaxed environment, along with a respect for you, and the problems you bring is vital as I encourage you to be ‘responsible’ for your own counselling journey. You are the expert on your own life. it is not my place to direct your meaning or tell you what to do.  One of my main goals is to foster and nurture your sense of personal power and through this shared understanding help you embrace change. 

I incorporate other creative and expressive ways of working, alternative to talking.  This includes using: timelines, artwork, visualisations and encouraging you to develop and explore any mental images you share.  

I may explore how your past impacts you or focus on unconscious thought processes which manifest themselves in your behaviour patterns and seek to deepen your understanding of the connections between how you feel and the way you behave. How you feel about your past present and future can all be explored through counselling.

My role consists of ‘widening and broadening’ your ‘visual field’ so that the ‘whole spectrum of potential meaning becomes conscious and visible’ to you (Frankl). Counselling offers you the valuable opportunity to gain perspective on your life, free from outside interferences or disturbances.  I have a strong belief in our ability and potential to cope and survive as human beings even through the most difficult times.

 ‘How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?  One, but the light bulb has really got to want to change.’  I love that old joke!


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